New Year, New Blog Name (and More)



I’m bringing in the new year with a new name for the blog: End to Endpaper. The name is borrowed from the title of my next bookbinding project, which will be a flag book containing some of my marbled paper.

The new name carries with it connotations that describe both me and this website: libraries, books, bookbinding/crafts, and sharing stories.

End to end refers to looking at a process from the very beginning to the very end. With information management, especially digital information management, you need to consider everything from initial creation to preservation/destruction. This concept is key in information science.

That’s not all. End to Endpaper now has a news section featuring 6 library and information science (LIS) categories: public access, makerspaces, information technology, ux/ui design and development, books and reading, and New Mexico libraries. The site aggregates and displays news and blog rss feeds and uses a WordPress web crawler, Scrapes, to archive the categories.

I don’t have time to keep up-to-date with all of my favorite websites. Now I can visit one page, scan for interesting headlines, and stay current in my field.

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