Thanksgiving Book Review: Trader (Newford, #4)

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Trader by Charles de Lint My rating: 5 of 5 stars A book I’m thankful for this year is Trader by Charles de Lint. It is one of de Lint’s many urban fantasy books centered around characters in Newford. Leonard Trader, a lonely, hard-working guitar maker, wakes up in the body of Johnny Devlin, a penniless reprobate about to be evicted again. Leonard’s journey home takes him through parts of the city he has never experienced before and into another … Read More

Usability Study Tips for Distance Education Students


I wanted to share a few tips I learned from doing a usability study for my final project in graduate school as a distance education student. This summer I graduated from the University of Illinois with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries. I was interested in connecting with end users for my last undertaking as a graduate student after spending two years focusing on the technical and administrative side of things. I developed a protocol to test a … Read More

TurtleTV – Raspberry Pi Camera for My Turtle Habitat


Can I watch Stargate with you guys? #turtle #terrificturtles #happyfriday A post shared by Heidi Uphoff (@endtoendpaper) on Sep 23, 2016 at 5:08pm PDT Earlier this year, we discovered our new house came with a few unexpected tenants: desert box turtles. For the first two months, we thought we only had two, dubbed Sheldon and Shelly. Estimates today range from 10-15. Turtle moot at turtopolis #turtles #turtopolis #happyfriday A post shared by Heidi Uphoff (@endtoendpaper) on Sep 9, 2016 at … Read More

Shh…Don’t Tell Anyone I’m a Librarian


Shh…don’t tell anyone I’m a librarian. Just kidding, kind of… This summer I finished a Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries from the University of Illinois. A lot has changed since I first left my short career as a school librarian to enter into a library and information science master’s program. When I was shopping for master’s programs, all advice and research pointed to applying only to programs for a MLIS, not a MLS. Employers wanted to see “Information … Read More

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