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  • Deal impasse severs Elsevier access for some German universities
    In December, talks broke down, with the German side accusing the publisher of unfair pricing and not doing enough to make papers openly accessible. With no last-minute deal struck before the new year, and about 60 research organisations seeing their individual contracts expire at the end of 2016, German researchers are beginning to …
    Source: Opening SciencePublished on 2017-01-10By Antonia Lingens
  • Book Review: Interactions Of Climate Change And The Global IP System
    Climate change is prompting the need for new technologies to address the consequences of the weather changing patterns. A book authored by a number of scholars provides an introduction to the interactions of climate change with the global intellectual property, innovation, human rights and international trade systems. …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-10By Catherine Saez
  • After 15 Years In WTO, China Still Weak On Many IP Rights Rules, US Says
    Innovation and intellectual property rights have set the United States apart from competitors in recent history, and China seems intent on closing that gap any way it can. A US trade office report out this week on China’s compliance with World Trade Organization rules 15 years after accession show the …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-10By William New
  • Artificial Intelligence Keeps IBM Atop 2016 Patent List; CNet, 1/9/17
    Stephen Shankland, CNET; Artificial Intelligence Keeps IBM Atop 2016 Patent List:Patents are an imperfect measure of prowess in research, development, innovation and ultimately business success. For one thing, it takes a mammoth staff and a lot of intellectual-property lawyers to rank high on the list, so startups won’t make it
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2017-01-09By James ‘Kip’ Currier, PhD, JD
  • Communia publishes position papers to untangle lackluster EU copyright proposal

    In September 2016 the European Commission released its proposed changes to copyright in the EU. Unfortunately, the proposal fails to deliver on the promise for a modern copyright law in Europe. Creative Commons is a founding member of  the Communia Association, which has been hard at work advocating for positive
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2017-01-09By Timothy Vollmer
  • Expensive Medicines Increase The Pressure
    By Simon Schmid This article first appeared in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, here. When Gilead brought its new antiviral medicine – Sovaldi – for the treatment of Hepatitis C to the US market for USD 84,000, it triggered a storm of protest. Demand for this revolutionary treatment was so high …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-09By Guest contributor
  • Book Review: A look At Antitrust Issues In Intellectual Property Law
    The book Antitrust Issues in Intellectual Property Law, edited by Bradford Lyerla and authored by several lawyers, is about the intersection of IP law and antitrust law and collects case law from 2015 and 20152016??, dealing with the issue. …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-09By Catherine Saez
  • How a complex network of bills becomes a law: GovTrack introduces new data analysis of text incorporation

    Here’s a fascinating new way to look at US Congressional legislation from our friends at As Josh Tauberer explains, GovTrack’s new service “Enacted Via Other Measures,” their new data analysis of text incorporation, will now provide connections between bills — when a bill has at least about 33% of …
    Source: Free Government InformationPublished on 2017-01-08By James R. Jacobs
  • Article: Exploring Usefulness and Usability in the Evaluation of Open Access Digital Libraries

    Citation: Tsakonas, G., & Papatheodorou, C. (2008). Exploring usefulness and usability in the evaluation of open access digital libraries. Information Processing and Management, 44: 1234-1250. [url] This article explores the usability of OA digital libraries (DLs). Unlike many articles which feature the evaluation of scholarly websites, which tend to use …
    Source: ANNOTATED AOAPublished on 2017-01-06By bakersc
  • Happy new year 2017

    New projects are on the way for 2017:  evolution of the journal platform, participation in European programs, experimentation with OpenEdition Lab.See you soon on OpenEdition, now an “infrastructure nationale de recherche”! Best wishes to all.
    Source: Open Electronic PublishingPublished on 2017-01-06By The Cleo team

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