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  • La comunidad de CC lanza consulta acerca de la estrategia del movimiento

    Hoy, la comunidad de Creative Commons está abriendo el proceso de consulta sobre el borrador de su estrategia para apoyar un movimiento global fuerte y en crecimiento. La propuesta es parte de un proceso liderado por la propia comunidad que comenzó en la Cumbre Global en Seúl, Corea del Sur, …
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2017-01-25By Ryan Merkley
  • WHO Director Candidates Down To Three, Europe Drops In Ranking
    The number of candidates to be the next director general of the World Health Organization was reduced from five to three tonight, with Ethiopia, Pakistan and the United Kingdom still in the running. But in a race as unpredictable as this one, delegates and observers in the hallway were both …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-25By William New
  • Year Ahead: Copyright Issues Rank High On EU To-Do List This Year
    Copyright, copyright and more copyright tops Europe’s intellectual property agenda for 2017. With the EU institutions mulling major reforms to copyright laws, publishers are pushing for a right to bar unauthorised copying or reuse of their content for commercial purposes, audiovisual authors for fair remuneration for use of their works …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-25By Dugie Standeford
  • Medicines Patent Pool TB Deal Praised But Raises Concerns Of Affordability
    The Medicines Patent Pool announced today that it has signed a license agreement with Johns Hopkins University for a candidate tuberculosis treatment. Although seen as a major step forward by public health groups, they said the agreement does not include guarantees that the treatment that could be brought to the …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-25By Catherine Saez
  • Troubling freeze on science by Trump administration

    The news out of Washington DC is not good if you’re a government information librarian or an open government advocate. In the last 24 hours, the Trump administration has put a freeze on EPA grants and contracts and ordered USDA science researchers to “cease publication of ‘outward facing’ documents and …
    Source: Free Government InformationPublished on 2017-01-24By James R. Jacobs
  • CC Community releases movement strategy for consultation

    En Español Today, the Creative Commons community is opening consultation on its draft strategy to support a strong and growing global movement. The proposal is part of a community-led process that began at the Global Summit in Seoul, South Korea in October 2015. Today we are opening a two-month consultation
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2017-01-24By Ryan Merkley
  • The Platform Cooperatives Movement Helps Light up the Commons

    People Power Mosaic by Herb Neufeld, CC BY 2.0The Creative Commons upcoming Global Summit is the first major opportunity to introduce our community to the newly-born Platform Cooperatives Consortium and to look for ways our two movements, which share many core values, can collaborate. We have just entered a
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2017-01-24By Hal Plotkin
  • Canada-Europe Trade Agreement: One More Vote To Clear
    Just a day after US President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament passed a recommendation in favour of adopting the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU. Meanwhile, the EU Trade Commissioner said trade …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-24By William New
  • WHO Board Trims Candidates For Director To Five; Two More Cuts Tomorrow
    World Health Organization members took the first step toward choosing the next director general of the UN health agency today as they narrowed the candidates to five. There will be interviews held with the remaining candidates tomorrow, after which the list will be reduced to three until the May World …
    Source: Intellectual Property WatchPublished on 2017-01-24By William New
  • Compartir no es delito: Sharing is not a crime

    Why are students criminalized for sharing knowledge? Over the last two years several organizations have been highlighting the situation of Colombian graduate student Diego Gomez, who is being criminally prosecuted for sharing a research article online. Gomez is a student in conservation and wildlife management, and for the most
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2017-01-23By Timothy Vollmer

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