Baby Turtle Pen


Last year we used a Raspberry Pi Camera, a.k.a. TurtTV, and their favorite foods to lure our baby turtles out of hiding so that we could bring them inside the house for the winter. Babies often don’t survive their first winter of hibernation.

This summer we didn’t want them to disappear out into the yard never to be seen again. So Andy built a pen area to keep them safe and so that we could feed and water them without the adult turtles, lizards, and birds getting all of the food before they do. The cage goes over a foot deep underground so they can’t dig their way out. The top of the pen prevents problem backyard predators like roadrunners and raccoons from hurting the turtles and keeps the babies in when they try to climb over the sides. They are determined, but clumsy climbers. I’ve already caught one clinging to the roof. He dropped down before I could snap a picture. For more pictures and videos of our adorable, bumbling turtles, see my Instagram account.

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