Creating a Little Free Library – Part 1


My husband and I are building a Little Free Library for our front yard. Little Free Libraries are small containers used as book exchanges. Signs encourage patrons to take a book or leave a book. You can register with the Little Free Library organization to get yours put on their map and receive newsletters and tips for being a steward.

Buying one of the bird-house resembling cookie-cutter libraries wasn’t our style. Andy learned to weld last year, so I bought a newspaper vending machine off of eBay and asked him to turn it into a robot. While he has been shopping for gears and other metal pieces, I’ve been shopping for books.

No one wants to return to a book exchange filled with ten copies of Twilight and a copy of Windows 95 User Guide. Luckily, the Albuquerque Public Library system hosts a wonderful used book store with low prices and proceeds go to the library. I’ve tried to pick up a healthy mix of classics, popular fiction, and children’s books. The books that I’ve purchased for my 2017 and 2018 Read Harder Challenges will also add a good diversity.

There’s been a little bit of hate going around the library blogging community for Little Free Libraries. Some do not like them because they do not improve literacy or education and generally are found in more affluent neighborhoods. These are all true things, but they aren’t the purpose of Little Free Libraries and they aren’t the reason we are building one for our home. I love my street and my neighbors. I want to help foster a sense of community and friendship where I live. I also want a project that will instill a passion for reading and prioritize giving and sharing with my children. If you care about improving literacy and education in areas of need (and you should!) please support your local public libraries and schools through funding, advocacy, and voting.

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