Breasts, Bottles, and Formula: Feeding Information Hospitals Often Withhold from New Parents

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When I read this recent article from the BBC, Bottle Feeding is a Woman’s Right, Midwives Told, it hit home with my experiences of our first child this year. I was glad to see it, but wished medical practitioners here in the U.S. were given the same instruction.

Once we knew we were expecting our little one, we took all the baby classes our hospital had to offer. My Saturday mornings were booked for a month. We bought the books. We asked our questions. But I couldn’t get many answers about pumping and feeding, much less about formula. So when we had to supplement our baby’s first week and later when we switched to formula, we were left to our own devices. The BBC article discusses guilt mothers feel over “failing” to breastfeed. I didn’t feel guilt nearly as much as anger and frustration that we had to sift through online forums and blogs to find trusted medical advice. Advice I believed the doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants we worked with for the past nine months should have provided.

Below are topics every new parent should research before delivery along with a few cited sources for each. Topics many hospitals, including ours, choose not to educate patients about in favor of a breast is best only model.

Formula Feeding

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Returning to Breastfeeding After Supplementing

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Specialty Products

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Biases in Breast Is Best Research

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