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  • 20 Hints That It’s Time to Take a Holiday

    Everyone needs time off, and this is especially true for creative professions. The brain is like any other organ in your body: when it gets tired, it doesn’t work nearly as well. Keep going when your brain is tired, and it’ll start thinking daft thoughts like, “Maybe if I …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-28By Ezequiel Bruni
  • How to Stop SEO Disasters During Website Migration

    After many weeks and months of preparations, you are ready to go; you’ve done everything that you needed to do to make sure that the design and development of the new site has been put together perfectly and you are happy to move forward. So you press the launch …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-27By Ahmed Khalifa
  • Quiz: Could You Become a Design Consultant in 2019?

    According to a recent QuickBooks survey, the #1 reason freelancers go into business for themselves is because it lends them the freedom to shape their own career path. Whether you’ve done freelance web design work for a few months or a few years, there may come a time when …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-26By Suzanne Scacca
  • The State of Web Design, December 2018

    Hey there, WDD Readers. Once more, I have spent a whole lot of my life online. My New Year’s resolution is to stay inside and keep doing that. I feel I shall probably succeed. I have lived and breathed Internet stuff all year, and once again, I don’t even …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-24By Ezequiel Bruni
  • Top 10 UX Videos of 2018
    These are the videos published in 2018 that received the most views from our audience. Each video runs for 2–3 minutes, unless otherwise indicated. Principles of Human-Centered Design Don Norman says that Human-Centered Design (HCD) is not about following processes. It’s about being mindful of HCD principles. Keep focus on …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2018-12-23
  • Branding an Intranet
    Summary: The name of the intranet, its logo, and the visual relationship with the company’s external website are key elements to consider when establishing a brand and an identity for your intranet. Most Intranets are created and owned by IT, HR, Corporate Communications, or a combination of these departments. While these …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2018-12-23By Kara Pernice
  • Breadcrumbs: 11 Design Guidelines for Desktop and Mobile
    Summary: Support wayfinding by including breadcrumbs that reflect the information hierarchy of your site. On mobile, avoid using breadcrumbs that are too tiny or wrap on multiple lines. Breadcrumbs are an important navigational element that supports wayfinding — making users aware of their current location within the hierarchical structure …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2018-12-23By Page Laubheimer
  • Popular Design News of the Week: December 17, 2018 – December 23, 2018

    Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.  The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-23By Cameron Chapman
  • 7 Ways to Utilize User-Generated Content in 2019

    Running low on content ideas? User-generated content (UGC) is becoming a more and more popular means of filling company websites. When used correctly, it can actually end up adding a near endless, high-quality stream of relevant content for your business to use. Of course, figuring out the right way …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2018-12-21By Glenn Paquette
  • Taming Data with JavaScript

    I love data. I also love JavaScript. Yet, data and client-side JavaScript are often considered mutually exclusive. The industry typically sees data processing and aggregation as a back-end function, while JavaScript is just for displaying the pre-aggregated data. Bandwidth and processing time are seen as huge bottlenecks for dealing with …
    Source: A List ApartPublished on 2018-12-20

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