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  • Win a Pillow Play Set from Sago Mini!

     Hey everybody!  Have you ever used Madison Public Library’s App Recommendation Page?  Or gotten other app advice from me in other ways (App Fairy Podcast, The Supper Club App Storytime, etc.)?  I’m looking to streamline and improve the library’s app recommendation services and would love your feedback. Please take a moment …
    Source: Library MakersPublished on 2019-01-09By Library Makers
  • Get Heavy and Humid with this DIY GPS Humidity Tracker

    Break out the soldering iron, screwdrivers and spreadsheets for some good ol’ fashioned data collection. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a specialist with degrees from Oxford or MIT. We’ll use open source parts and simple data points to make some measurements that we can contribute to science! Above …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-01-09By Brandon Williams
  • Another One Bites the Dust

    For this week’s entry, I had been planning a tutorial and project build based on an IMU. For those of you who may be relatively new to electronics, IMU stands for Inertial Measurement Unit, and they are used to measure specific force, angular rate and, depending on the chip, also …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-01-08By Rob Reynolds
  • Friday Product Post: Run Qwiic in the Relay Race!

    To start 2019 off right, we have two new Qwiic relay boards for those of you with some experience with power accessory boards. We also have the new Raspberry Pi 3 A+ in stock! It’s a slightly smaller week of new products, but that’s what happens when you’ve been on …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-01-04By Chris McCarty
  • Why We Made a U.FL Tutorial

    Technology is always changing (though not necessarily improving) and today’s silicone rubber may one day be thought of the way we see Bakelite plastic now. Of course the same is true for electronics – transistor radio kits from the late 50’s can’t hold a match to the complexity of electronics …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-01-03By Owen Lyke
  • Qwiic Single Relay Hookup Guide

    Qwiic Single Relay Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The Qwiic Single Relay is SparkFun’s easiest to use relay yet. The single relay can handle up to 5.5A at 240 VAC for long periods of time. The Qwiic connectors and screw …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-01-03By Englandsaurus
  • Qwiic Quad Relay Hookup Guide

    Qwiic Quad Relay Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction SparkFun’s Qwiic Quad Relay is a product designed for switching not one but four high powered devices from your Arduino or other low powered microcontroller using I2C. It has four relays rated …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-01-03By Elias The Sparkiest
  • Making the World Smaller with Technology

    Happy New Year! Back in December, our CEO Glenn and I had the pleasure of leading a SparkFun tour together. This is nothing new – we offer tours of our building just about every Friday at 2 p.m. If you’re in the area, you should stop by to see where …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-01-02By Rob Reynolds
  • Friday Product Post: Develop Something New for 2019!

    2018 is just about over, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s send it out with a bang! This week we have the new version of the HiFive in stock, and new Pycom boards! added to …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2018-12-28By Chris McCarty
  • Three Quick Tips About Using U.FL

    Three Quick Tips About Using U.FL a tutorial Available online at: Introduction Since the number of SparkFun products with wireless or radio-frequency (RF) applications continues to increase we thought it would be helpful to make a crash course in one of the most …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2018-12-28By Liquid Soulder

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