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  • Cynthia Ng: Notes from talk: The Real World of Artificial Intelligence by Mike Ridley
    Mike Ridley, Visiting Scholar gave a talk on AI at Ryerson Library, and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend. Visiting Scholar Help advance the things interested in in a collaborative way and exploring. Interested in areas of AI. Investigation and opportunities on collaboration. Look at what these …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-18By Cynthia
  • DuraSpace News: Fedora Workshop, Staatsarchiv Bern, Switzerland, Aug 22
    On August 22,2019 the State Archives Basel-Stadt and St. Gallen will host a Fedora Workshop with high-caliber speakers from Lyrasis/DuraSpace/Fedora: Product Manager David Wilcox and Technical Lead Andrew Wood will discuss Fedora 4 (currently 5.0.2) which replaces the Fedora 3.8 version currently running on many archives. Unlike Fedora 3.8 (XML …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-18By Carol Minton Morris
  • David Rosenthal: Michael Nelson’s CNI Keynote: Part 2
    My “lengthy disquisition” on Michael Nelson’s Spring CNI keynote Web Archives at the Nexus of Good Fakes and Flawed Originals (Nelson starts at 05:53 in the video, slides). continues here. Part 1 had an introduction and discussion of two of my issues with Nelson’s big picture.Below the fold I address …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-18By David. (
  • DuraSpace News: Valorie Hollister: Leadership and Versatility Marked Tenure at DuraSpace
    DuraSpace’s Chief Financial Officer, Valorie Hollister, will be ending her 12-year tenure with DuraSpace this month. The transition marks a tenure of significant improvement in the financial transparency of the organization. Since the early days at one of DuraSpace’s predecessor organizations, the DSpace Foundation, Ms. Hollister has shown leadership,
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Carol Minton Morris
  • Information Technology and Libraries: No Need to Ask
    This article will describe how permissionless metadata blockchains could be created to overcome two significant limitations in current cataloging practices: centralization and a lack of traceability. The process would start by creating public and private keys, which could be managed using digital wallet software. After creating a genesis block, nodes
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Dejah Rubel
  • Information Technology and Libraries: 50 Years of ITAL/JLA
    Over five decades, Information Technology and Libraries(and its predecessor, the Journal of Library Automation) has influenced research and practice in the library and information science technology. From its inception on, the journal has been consistently ranked as one of the superior publications in the profession and a trendsetter for all
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Brady Lund
  • Information Technology and Libraries: Wikidata
    Library catalogues may be connected to the linked data cloud through various types of thesauri. For name authority thesauri in particular I would like to suggest a fundamental break with the current distributed linked data paradigm: to make a transition from a multitude of different identifiers to using a single, …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Theo van Veen
  • Information Technology and Libraries: “Good Night, Good Day, Good Luck”
    This article presents the results of a pilot project that tested the application of algorithmic topic modeling to chat reference conversations. The outcomes for this project included determining if this method could be used to identify the most common chat topics in a semester and whether these topics could inform …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Megan Ozeran, Piper Martin
  • Information Technology and Libraries: Information Security in Libraries
    Libraries in the United States handle sensitive patron information, including personally identifiable information and circulation records. With libraries providing services to millions of patrons across the U.S., it is important that they understand the importance of patron privacy and how to protect it. This study investigates how knowledge transferred within …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca, Richard J Burkhard
  • Information Technology and Libraries: Weathering the Twitter Storm
    After a disaster, news reports and online platforms often document the swift response of public libraries supporting their communities. Despite current scholarship focused on social media in disasters, early uses of social media as an extension of library services require further scrutiny. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized Hurricane
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-17By Sharon Han

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