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  • Bethany Nowviskie: change us, too
    [The following is a brief talk I gave at the opening plenary of RBMS 2019, a meeting of the Rare Books and Manuscripts section of the ACRL/ALA. This year’s theme was “Response and Responsibility: Special Collections and Climate Change,” and my co-panelists were Frances Beinecke of the National Resources Defense
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-30By Bethany Nowviskie
  • John Mark Ockerbloom: More and better copyright data online for serials and books
    It’s getting easier over time to find and use data on copyrights, and thereby to find and make use of materials in the public domain.  Here’s a quick update on what’s new and what’s coming, in my projects and elsewhere. 1. My inventory of first renewals for serials is now
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-28By John Mark Ockerbloom
  • Evergreen ILS: Lynn Floyd: Evergreen Contributor of the Month
    The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that June’s Contributor of the Month is Lynn Floyd, who is the head of Information Technology at the Anderson County Library in Anderson, South Carolina. Anderson County Library is a member of the SC LENDS consortium. In her role at Anderson County
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-28By Andrea Buntz Neiman
  • Lucidworks: Banks Add Chatbots to Customer Service Arsenals
    A few years ago, when the use of artificial intelligence-enabled chatbots was becoming widespread across multiple industries, particularly in customer services operations, New York-based consultant Adelyn Zhou expressed the question being asked by many tech vendors trying to sell their The post Banks Add Chatbots to Customer Service Arsenals appeared …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-28By Rob Garver
  • David Rosenthal: The Risks Of Outsourcing
    My Cloud for Preservation post was in some sense all about the risks of outsourcing IT infrastructure to the cloud. Below the fold I comment on two recent articles illustrating different aspects of these risks.One risk that is often underestimated is that the security of IT outsourced to a cloud …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-27By David. (
  • Shelley Gullikson: Research projects: Call for help
    I’m on a year-long sabbatical as of July 1 and excited to get started on a few different research projects. For two of the projects, I’m going to need some help from the UXLibs/LibUX community. In one of them, I want to look at love letters that users have written …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-27By Shelley
  • Shelley Gullikson: UXLibsV: Notes

    Five years of UXLibs – hurrah! Let’s dive straight in. Barriers to UX Design: Andy Priestner Andy kicked off the conference with his address about why he thinks not many of us are moving beyond research reports when it comes to doing UX work in our libraries: We see research …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-26By Shelley
  • DuraSpace News: 4Science at Open Repositories 2019: Thank You!
    We just got back from Open Repositories 2019 . Thank you to all who came to attend our many presentations and visited our stand, enjoying the Lavazza coffee prepared by our staff to the cry of: “Our repositories are as good as our coffee!” 🙂 Our OR2019 presentations, from DSpace …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-26By Carol Minton Morris
  • David Rosenthal: Lina M. Khan On Structural Separation

    In It’s The Enforcement, Stupid! I argued that anti-trust enforcement was viable only if there were “bright lines”. I even went further and, following Kim Stanley Robinson’s Pacific Edge, suggested a hard cap on corporate revenue, as a way of making anti-trust self-executing.Much of the recent wave of attention to …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-25By David. (
  • Digital Library Federation: Fellow Reflection: Sarah Mainville

    This  reflection on the 2019 annual meeting of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) was written by Sarah Mainville, who attended with support from a  DLF GLAM Cross-Pollinator Registration Award. Sarah is the Media Preservation Librarian at Michigan State University Libraries. In this role she supports efforts to preserve …
    Source: Code4libPublished on 2019-06-25By Becca Quon

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