Letterboxing Starter Kit


If you like scavenger hunts, hiking, art, traveling, and/or solving puzzles, then letterboxing is for you. Letterboxes containing unique stamps are planted around the world. People follow clues, sometimes solve puzzles, and occasionally need to take a hike in order to find them. When they do, they stamp the letterbox’s exclusive stamp into their journal and stamp their personal, handcrafted stamp into the letterbox’s logbook. Letterboxes can be found practically anywhere. You can look for them near your hometown or while on vacation. To get started you only need the following five things:

  1. A trail name that describes you (mine is endtoendpaper)
  2. A unique, hand carved signature stamp (check out lino cutting kits)
  3. A journal to record your letterbox finds (any store bought notebook will due, but I chose to bind together a codex)
  4. A pen to record any extra information you want to in your letterboxing journal and the letterbox logbooks
  5. Clues (join a community to look up and record your letterboxes)
    1. Atlas Quest
    2. Letterboxing.org


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