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  • How to Decrease Decision Fatigue and Increase Conversions

    It sort of feels like our lives are nothing more than an endless string of decision-making, doesn’t it? You go to the grocery store and half an aisle is dedicated to olive oil. Or cereal. Or yogurt. Then, you go home and your streaming services give you literally hundreds …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2019-09-18By Suzanne Scacca
  • The Zen of UX
    The subtleties that define UX – beyond common sense modern design – have morphed into a body of knowledge far removed from the relatively simple practices of the past. Alongside Inbound Marketing’s super-accommodating approach to clients, UX has become far more than simply providing “the standard experience” for end users. …
    Source: Usability GeekPublished on 2019-09-17By Roy Castleman
  • 20 Freshest Web Designs, September 2019

    This month, there’s tons of color, and some elegant transitions. Video is huge this month, with a number of sites opting for video front and center. You’ll also find some delightful animated illustration. Enjoy! Bon Iver Visualizer This impressive site, built with Spotify data, visualizes all of the people …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2019-09-16By Paddi MacDonnell
  • Where Should UX Report? 3 Common Models for UX Teams and How to Choose Among Them
    Summary: Design and user research usually report to either a centralized UX team, a product team, or a hybrid of these. There are clear benefits and drawbacks to each model. Designing a UX-Team Structure is Difficult Establishing an organizational model that enables effective collaboration and partnership — for UX design or …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-09-15By Kate Kaplan, Kara Pernice
  • Good Customer Experience Demands Organizational Fluidity
    Summary: Old processes and technologies can keep established organizations from creating exceptional users experiences and achieving future growth. In today’s digital world users often interact with an organization multiple times in order to achieve a single goal. These related interactions make up what is called the customer journey. Many users take …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-09-15By Kim Flaherty
  • Popular Design News of the Week: September 9, 2019 – September 15, 2019

    Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.  The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2019-09-15By Cameron Chapman
  • 15 Best APIs for Web Designers and Developers

    With an API, you create a connection between your website and an application for the purposes of drawing on its data or features. This allows you to not only enhance the on-site experience, but to streamline a lot of the processes that would otherwise require much tedious hand-holding behind …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2019-09-13By Suzanne Scacca
  • Skeleton versus Logo Launch Screen: A Direct Comparison
    With the global mobile penetration going up to 67 percent this year, businesses cannot afford to ignore the growing importance of mobile apps. People are spending an increasing amount of time on their smartphones. No wonder, mobile apps are a popular medium for businesses to connect with their audience.  Yet, …
    Source: Usability GeekPublished on 2019-09-12By Gaurav Belani
  • Free Download: 30 Script Fonts

    The foundation of all typography is your choice of font. The font creates the voice of your text, its character and personality. For designers who aim to produce vital and engaging designs, a well-stocked font menu is a must. Of all the varieties of typeface, the most expressive, the …
    Source: Web Designer DepotPublished on 2019-09-11By WebdesignerDepot Staff
  • How to Get More Clarity and Control Over Your UX Projects
    Have you ever worked on a UX project that went out of control? I’m sure you have. Every designer has horror stories of projects that went nowhere, clients that went AWOL, and designs that no two stakeholders could agree on. UI/UX designers suffer more than most, quite simply because the …
    Source: Usability GeekPublished on 2019-09-10By Jeff Sullivan

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