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  • Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for September 25th, 2019

    Sponsored by #1 Amazon bestselling author Diana Muñoz Stewart. Learn More! These deals were active as of this writing, but may expire soon, so get them while they’re hot! Today’s Featured Deals Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford for $1.99. Get it here, or just click on the cover image …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Vanessa Diaz
  • YA Graphic Novels and Comics Releasing October–December 2019

    We are closing out the year fairly strong with a nice bunch of YA graphic novels and comic releases! In the last quarter of 2019, you can look forward to some DC comics, sequels to long-running series, and a handful of new voices to the comics scene that I am …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Tirzah Price
  • Top 8 Gut Health Books For Continued Health

    Gut health is all the rage these days, and for good reason. The gut is home to millions of little bacteria that help maintain your immune system, digest your food, and, some believe, have a huge effect on weight. Diets based around cleansing the gut have exploded in recent years. …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Katherine Packer
  • More Authors, More (Plot) Drama: 12 YA Books With More Than 1 Author

    Two heads (or even three) are better than one when it comes to some YA novels! While the phenomenon of authors teaming up to collaborate on a single novel isn’t new, it does seem as though there are more of these dual-authored books than ever, and some of these author …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Tirzah Price
  • 20 of the Top Mystery Books According to Goodreads Users

    I’ve always been fascinated by the “whodunit” style story. From Encyclopedia Brown to Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie, over the years I’ve read quite a few. I’ve even attended a murder mystery party or two in my day and enthusiastically played CLUE until I was the last one standing. If …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Kiran Josen
  • What Algorithms Can (and Can’t) Tell Us About Gender and Literature

    Last month, a story came out about five scholars who’d set up an algorithm to read 3.5 million books. The five co-authors were looking for adjectives and gender. They mapped those more commonly used to describe women, and those more commonly used to describe men. The resulting paper, “Unsupervised Discovery
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By M. Lynx Qualey
  • Dash Happy: 6 Dashing Em Dash Examples in Literature

    The em dash, aka possibly the most adaptable and intuitive punctuation mark there is, gets a lot of love—and the occasional bit of hate. Em dashes may be prone to overuse, but if you understand how beautiful the em dash can be, you won’t want to overuse it. And of course, some …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Elisabeth Cook
  • Ecce Homo: Sex and the Passion in Tiffany Reisz’s THE PRINCE

    Trigger Warning: Discussions of rape follow. Earlier this year I started a little project of rereading Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series with the intention of taking a critical look at Reisz’s use of theology and biblical reference throughout the eight book series. My plan was to write one long essay …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Jessica Avery
  • What’s Your Number? The Enneagram Numbers of THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB Characters

    With a new Baby-Sitters Club TV series coming to Netflix, we’re getting nostalgic about our favorite group of teen babysitters. What was so great about the original BSC series by Ann M. Martin is that each girl, from Kristy to Mallory, felt like a real person with distinct personality traits …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Kathleen Keenan
  • Feminist Agenda: Olivia Gatwood in London

    My youth in Ireland passed with no real knowledge of spoken word poetry. Though I loved poems generally, and studied for over a decade with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, creative expression was overwhelmed by the necessities of clear diction, strong voice, and comprehension of iambic pentameter. …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-09-25By Aisling Twomey

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