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  • Dallas Makerspace Members Participate in Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019 DFW

    Membership at Dallas Makerspace helps the dream of running an entry in the Red Bull Soapbox Race become a reality! TEAM SMOKE ON THE WATER TC Team Smoke on the Water! Team Smoke on the Water’s fire engine entry replicates in 2.45:1 scale the city of The Colony’s first fire truck, …
    Source: Dallas MakerspacePublished on 2019-09-27By jast
  • Friday Product Post: On Our Radar

    Welcome back, everyone! It’s Friday and that means new products for you to enjoy! This week, after a very successful GroupGets campaign, the SparkFun Pulsed Radar Breakout is now available. Along with the new sensor breakout, we also have for you the SparkFun gator:scence Kit that includes all of our …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-09-27By Chris McCarty
  • GPS Geo-Mapping at the Push of a Button

    GPS Geo-Mapping at the Push of a Button a tutorial Available online at: Introduction If you need an intermediate GPS project to tickle your fancy, we’ve got one ready to go. In a previous tutorial, we slapped some boards together to see our …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-09-27By Brandon J. Williams
  • Enginursday: Playing with CRCs in Python
    Recently, the engineering team has needed to implement Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRCs) for several different projects. The algorithm is easy enough to copy from the internet and forget, but my curiosity just couldn’t quit there! CRCs have a very fascinating mathematical underpinning that relates to information theory, computer hardware and …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-09-26By Owen Lyke
  • Empowering Students through Media Advocacy

    Accompanied by the sounds of the Saturday Light Brigade broadcast, members of the public were invited on the afternoon of May 11th to view and engage with the Youth Media Advocacy Project (YMAP) Public Showcase. On display at the showcase were projects completed by middle and high school students from …
    Source: Remake LearningPublished on 2019-09-26By ryan
  • SparkFun Edge Hookup Guide

    SparkFun Edge Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction With the SparkFun Edge Development Board and the SparkFun Edge 2 Development Board, edge computing is here! You’ve probably heard of this latest entry to the long lineage of tech buzzwords like “IoT,” …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-09-26By Ell C
  • Getting Started with the A111 Pulsed Radar Sensor

    Getting Started with the A111 Pulsed Radar Sensor a tutorial Available online at: Introduction Heads up! If you are looking for the hookup guide for the SparkX version of the A111, you can check out the retired tutorial: Using the A111 Pulsed
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-09-26By jimblom
  • Welcome to the Real World

    Machine learning is pretty incredible, and sometimes seems like it belongs in sci-fi movies. We’re pretty excited about the seemingly endless possibilities that machine learning offers, which is why we’ve partnered with Hackster to launch a new contest: Machine Learning in the Real World. We’re looking for the next great …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-09-25By Hailey Blessing
  • It’s Almost Open Source Hardware Month! Come Celebrate with Us October 1st

    We’re kicking off Open Source Hardware Month with a panel of heavy OSHWA hitters from Colorado’s front range. The evening, co-sponsored by SparkFun and OSHWA, will include the panel, followed by a mixer to connect open hardware enthusiasts. We’ll bring the refreshments, you bring a question for the panel or …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-09-24By Jahnell Pereira
  • Title Match

    The goal of this release was to introduce enhancements to TitleMatch, convert more list management tools to the new Search site, retire the “Basic View” of lists, and address reported bugs and issues. TitleMatch levels – TitleMatch on has been enhanced to indicate exact and possible matches on current lists …
    Source: Mackin MakerspacePublished on 2019-09-24By Sarah Moes

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