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  • Heat Recovery Systems: How it works?
    A heat recovery system is used to heat residential homes or industrial complexes. It works by extracting most and stale air from wet rooms and recovers the heat that would otherwise be lost. Most of these systems are equipped with filters that filter out toxic pollutants and replace them with …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-27By Stef Brezgov
  • What moms and educators can learn from Latvian-born billionaire James Richman?
    James Richman is a billionaire philanthropist born in Latvia. With a preference to live a discreet lifestyle, the reclusive billionaire has endured many struggles in life only to emerge as a better person and an overall asset to humanity. Despite his wealthy status, he prefers to act like the world …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-26By Stef Brezgov
  • Building on our Successes: Past and Present

    photo-1513836279014-a89f7a76ae86With the release of our new platform, we wanted to reflect on past successes and share our plans for the future. In this post we highlight how we have built upon Dryad’s historical strength and success to
    Source: Dryad news and viewsPublished on 2019-09-26By The Dryad Team
  • Where can I meet the OpenEdition team? Autumn 2019

    The OpenEdition team will be attending salons, conventions, conferences and seminars on digital publishing and librarianship to offer training to users, present our platforms, and meet our partners. © Salons and conventions 11 – 13 October, BloisSalon du livre, « Rendez-vous de l’histoire » and meet Cédric Gaultier on …
    Source: Open Electronic PublishingPublished on 2019-09-26By OpenEdition team
  • The Pangolin Reports: CC Journalism About the World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

    Earlier this year, we met Patrick Böhler, a journalist and executive editor of SWI, the international news service of Switzerland’s public broadcaster. In our conversation, we discussed the ways that various media companies and journalistic projects have used Creative Commons licensing to increase public access to their stories. We
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-09-25By Eric Steuer
  • One giant leap for docs-kind: OSTI adds search for extracted figures and tables.

    I’ve always appreciated the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) for the way they manage and give access to .gov scientific information – and for the fact that they’ve long shared their metadata freely and allowed libraries to download their MARC records in bulk. Now they’ve added *another* feature …
    Source: Free Government InformationPublished on 2019-09-25By James R. Jacobs
  • New Dryad is Here

    The Dryad team has worked over the past year to understand what features are required to best support the research community’s ever-evolving needs. We are proud to announce the launch of our new Dryad platform and we are
    Source: Dryad news and viewsPublished on 2019-09-24By The Dryad Team
  • Crypto Evolution
    At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is developing at high speed, and there are many innovations about it. Many traders want to work with the Crypto World Evolution because it has several new features, and they said that their developers in the company making high profits. If you want to …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-24By Stef Brezgov
  • What is a flue heat exchanger
    We’re living a world where our resources are pretty limited, and we’ve come to a time where everything that we use can be and should be recycled. Today we’re talking about something that probably not many of you have heard about before, so let’s not make this introduction any longer …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-23By Stef Brezgov
  • People Are Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile. They Might Be Chinese Spies; NPR, September 19, 2019
    Ryan Lucas, NPR; People Are Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile. They Might Be Chinese Spies“Demers took over leadership of the National Security Division in February 2018 after being confirmed by the Senate. Since taking the helm, he has spent a considerable amount of time on China and what he calls
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2019-09-20By Kip Currier, PhD, JD

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