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  • Congratulations to Our 157 June CC Certificate Graduates!

    From June—August 2019, Creative Commons hosted eight CC Certificate classes for Academic Librarians and Educators. Participants in the classes studied Creative Commons licenses, copyright, the public domain, and open practices. Certificate students developed open licensing proficiency and deepened their understanding of the broader context for open advocacy. See examples of …
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-10-02By Jennryn Wetzler
  • Under Armour trademark dispute hits family start-up company with Boise ties;, October 1, 2019
    Ashley Miller,; Under Armour trademark dispute hits family start-up company with Boise ties““Trademark dilution” is the legal standard that gives companies like Under Armour the right to sue businesses that have similar names as them, even if their products offered do not overlap. Trademark dilution argues that a famous
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2019-10-02By Kip Currier, PhD, JD
  • IP and counterculture: Who owns a tattoo?; Lexology, September 27, 2019
    NovagraafAlastair Rawlence, Lexology; IP and counterculture: Who owns a tattoo?Advising the artist: think bigger than copyrightWith the exception of tribal tattoos based on an indigenous right or designs transferred to another party via assignment, IP rights in tattoo artwork will belong to the artist that created the tattoo,
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2019-10-01By Kip Currier, PhD, JD
  • Judge Lets NMPA Double Damages to $300M in Peloton Copyright Suit; Billboard, September 28, 2019
    Tatiana Cirisano, Billboard; Judge Lets NMPA Double Damages to $300M in Peloton Copyright Suit“A Manhattan federal judge has approved the National Music Publishers’ Association’s (NMPA) request to double damages to $300 million in a lawsuit against Peloton, for the exercise startup’s alleged use of more than 2,000 songs in its workout videos
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2019-09-30By Kip Currier, PhD, JD
  • Contract Cheating Detection Game-Changer: AI for Authorship Verification
    The statistics of academic dishonesty are downright depressing: a survey reveals that 58% percent of over 70,000 U.S. high school students have resorted to some form of plagiarism in their academic careers. This includes borrowing pieces of texts without stating the source or asking other people to do assignments for …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-30By Stef Brezgov
  • Access to Information Is Not Universal: Here’s Why That Matters

    Today is the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI).

    Image credit: UNESCO, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO You may be wondering why this day is necessary—particularly in 2019, when the average person is inundated …
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-09-28By Victoria Heath
  • Heat Recovery Systems: How it works?
    A heat recovery system is used to heat residential homes or industrial complexes. It works by extracting most and stale air from wet rooms and recovers the heat that would otherwise be lost. Most of these systems are equipped with filters that filter out toxic pollutants and replace them with …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-27By Stef Brezgov
  • What moms and educators can learn from Latvian-born billionaire James Richman?
    James Richman is a billionaire philanthropist born in Latvia. With a preference to live a discreet lifestyle, the reclusive billionaire has endured many struggles in life only to emerge as a better person and an overall asset to humanity. Despite his wealthy status, he prefers to act like the world …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-09-26By Stef Brezgov
  • Building on our Successes: Past and Present

    photo-1513836279014-a89f7a76ae86With the release of our new platform, we wanted to reflect on past successes and share our plans for the future. In this post we highlight how we have built upon Dryad’s historical strength and success to
    Source: Dryad news and viewsPublished on 2019-09-26By The Dryad Team
  • Where can I meet the OpenEdition team? Autumn 2019

    The OpenEdition team will be attending salons, conventions, conferences and seminars on digital publishing and librarianship to offer training to users, present our platforms, and meet our partners. © Salons and conventions 11 – 13 October, BloisSalon du livre, « Rendez-vous de l’histoire » and meet Cédric Gaultier on …
    Source: Open Electronic PublishingPublished on 2019-09-26By OpenEdition team

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