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  • Friday Product Post: We’ve Got Powerful Connections

    Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We have a few new products this week, starting with an ATX Power Connector soldering kit to safely add power to your project from those laptop brick power supplies! We also have all of the associated parts included in the kit. Let’s jump in a …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-11By Chris McCarty
  • Enginursday: Ten Years of Testbeds

    Since SparkFun’s humble beginnings, testbeds have been a vital part of our production. In the wake of innovation, many of them get retired. Every couple years, the quality control team looks through all of the testbeds down in production. During these audits, they usually find 50 …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-10By Pete Lewis
  • ATX Power Connector (4-Pin) Breakout Hookup Guide

    ATX Power Connector (4-Pin) Breakout Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction Do you need to power a project with 12V and 5V from one wall adapter? The ATX power connector breaks out the standard 4-pin computer peripheral port for your …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-10-10By bboyho
  • To Infinity and Beyond…the SIK Programmed with Arduino (Part 2)
    The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit v4.1 opens a world of possibilities with five different projects. Are you hungry for more? Maybe you want to explore the world of I2C? Have no fear! These tutorials will get you started playing with SparkFun’s Qwiic ecosystem. We specifically included the RedBoard Qwiic with the …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-09By Bobby Chan
  • Catching up with Remake Rural

    Since its inception, Remake Learning has been a regional effort encompassing hundreds of rural communities across southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. While the city of Pittsburgh has been the center of gravity for much of the network, you don’t have to travel too far outside of the city’s boundaries …
    Source: Remake LearningPublished on 2019-10-09By ryan
  • Autonomous Riding Lawnmower – Am I Crazy?

    Jesse Brockmann is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience. Jesse works for a large corporation designing real-time simulation software, started programming on an Apple IIe at the age of six and has won several AVC event over the years. Jesse is also a SparkFun Ambassador. Make
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-08By Chris McCarty
  • APA102 Addressable LED Hookup Guide

    APA102 Addressable LED Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The APA102C addressable LEDs employ a 2-wire communication protocol consisting of a clock and data line. While this requires one more wire than standard WS2812 addressable LEDs, the advantage is that the …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-10-08By bboyho
  • Innovations in Teacher Practice and Professional Learning: Allyce’s Favorites from the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh

    Educators are constantly honing their craft—few professions dedicate as much time as teachers do to continually improving their practice. Professional learning (also called professional development or continuing education) is the process of teachers learning—it’s one of the most important parts of our education system. And there are educators all over …
    Source: Remake LearningPublished on 2019-10-04By remakelearning
  • Friday Product Post: Don’t Blow a Fuse

    Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We have a couple new products this week, starting with a soldering kit that allows you to easily add fuses into your project in multiple different configurations to fit your needs! We also have an adjustable storage case to help with organization, or simply for …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-04By Chris McCarty
  • Enginursday: The best part of waking up…

    What I love coffee. I have at least one cup a day, usually in the morning. There are several options for how I get my morning dose. Two that I usually employ are: take care of it myself, or drink the coffee provided to us by SparkFun. The coffee situation …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-10-03By Seth Ragland

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