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  • Early Bird Registration is Open for the CC Global Summit!

    The 2020 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit is returning to Lisbon, Portugal on 14-16 May! We’ve grown the CC Global Summit every year as hundreds of leading activists, advocates, librarians, educators, lawyers, technologists, and more have joined us for discussion, debate, workshops, planning, talks, and community building. Whether you’re
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-10-23By Alison Pearce
  • Open Access Week 2019: OpenEdition in Avignon, Strasbourg and Dakar

    Open Access Week runs between 21 and 27 October. It is an international event which allows everyone to discover initiatives that aim to promote open access to research results and for which this year’s theme is “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge”. The OpenEdition team will speak in …
    Source: Open Electronic PublishingPublished on 2019-10-23By OpenEdition team
  • A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job; The Washington Post, October 22, 2019
    Drew Harwell, The Washington Post; A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job HireVue claims it uses artificial intelligence to decide who’s best for a job. Outside experts call it ‘profoundly disturbing.’““It’s a profoundly disturbing development that we have proprietary technology that claims to differentiate between a productive worker
    Source: Intellectual Property and “Open” Movements BlogPublished on 2019-10-23By Kip Currier, PhD, JD
  • Scan On Demand: Building the World’s Open Library, Together

    By Omar Rafik El-Sabrout & Mek Earlier this week, Open Library’s Mek Karpeles, Internet Archive Summer of Code fellow Tabish Shaikh, and members of the community announced the launch of a new Book Sponsorship program which, explains, “lets you direct a cash donation to pay for the purchase and …
    Source: The Open Library BlogPublished on 2019-10-23By mek
  • How to Get Involved With the 2020 CC Global Summit

    2019 CC Global Summit volunteer helping a participantImage by Sebastiaan ter Bur, CC BYThe 2020 Creative Commons (CC) Global …
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-10-21By Alison Pearce
  • How do Cat Repellents Work
    As we all know, cats are magnificent animals, but like every other living being, they have the need to relieve themselves. If your neighbor’s cat loves going to the toilet in your garden, there is really not a lot of things you can say to your neighbors – it is …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-10-17By Stef Brezgov
  • How To Write Your CV? Top Tips 2019
    Job seekers are constantly on the lookout for new trends and tips that will help them land their dream job. Job-seeking is very stressful, as chances are dozens of people will apply for the same job you’re after. So to land a job, you need to impress hiring managers the …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-10-17By Stef Brezgov
  • Industrial Waste – Source of Energy and Income
    Electricity and heat production from industrial waste and biomass will be an energy future. But still, many countries do not use all their energy potentials … No matter how unusual it may sound, the future of energy is in industrial waste. Landfills, waste, and sewage will be important sources of …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-10-17By Stef Brezgov
  • 3 Books that will help you to Understand Math
        Many college students struggle to understand the core concepts of mathematics in college because they failed to grasp basic concepts in primary and high school. Mathematics is actually a very easy subject because once you master all the concepts, you can solve every problem put in front of …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-10-15By Stef Brezgov
  • National Weather Service under risk of privatization. John Oliver has more

    Talking about the weather is supposed to be the one safe topic that people from all stripes can talk about. But John Oliver ruins that — in an extremely funny and informative way of course! He explains the importance of the National Weather Service (NWS), which is a sub-agency of …
    Source: Free Government InformationPublished on 2019-10-14By James R. Jacobs

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