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  • Become a Patreon Supporter

    Since 2013 757 Makerspace has been providing classes, workshops, workspace and consulting on design, making and creative endeavors for artists, engineers, inventors, students, fabricators, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and more. All of this takes time, resources and a financial commitment to be able to keep going. We have just launched …
    Source: 757 MakerspacePublished on 2019-11-15By Beau Turner
  • Friday Product Post: Joy Precision

    Hello and welcome, everyone! This week we have three new products to show off, starting with the TMP117 High Precision Temperature Sensor. This small, Qwiic-enabled board is incredibly accurate and perfect for your next environmental project. Next, we bring you the Himax Imaging Camera designed to work specifically with the …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-15By Chris McCarty
  • Enginursday: Pi To-Go

    It’s Almost that Time of Year Fall is in full swing, cold weather has set in, and it is finally time to get ready for Black Friday sales… in particular NEW COMPUTER PARTS! I am a staunch observer of the time-honored fall tradition of buying my hardware computing needs in …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-14By Joshua Smith
  • Qwiic TMP117 High Precision Digital Temperature Sensor Hookup Guide

    Qwiic TMP117 High Precision Digital Temperature Sensor Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The TMP117 is a high precision, digital temperature sensor. What makes the TMP117 stand out is it’s ability to be accurate down to ±0.1°C (from -20°C to 50°C). …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-11-14By bboyho
  • Creating Artemis

    For years SparkFun was wary of getting a product fully FCC certified. The process always seemed unknown and prohibitively expensive. We’ve written about the FCC requirements for products and hobby projects the past, but with the development of the SparkFun Edge and the creation of Artemis it was clear that …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-13By Nathan Seidle
  • The Many Versions of LIDAR-Lite

    If you have ever been interested in distance or proximity sensing, you’ve heard of LIDAR-Lite. Originally released in 2015, the LIDAR-Lite sensor instantly made a splash in the maker community by providing a fast, compact, high performance optical distance measurement tool. The module didn’t break the bank and, at least …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-12By Chris McCarty
  • Catching up with the STEAM Ecosystem

    The great questions of the future—responding to climate change, managing natural resources, living with artificial intelligence—will demand decision-makers with strong grasp of science, technology, engineering, and math. Even young people who aren’t destined for careers in STEM fields will need to be STEM literate. Then there is the economic imperative. …
    Source: Remake LearningPublished on 2019-11-12By ryan
  • Friday Product Post: Pro Skills Pay the Bills

    Hello everyone and happy Friday! We’re kicking off the week with a brand new development kit to make you a pro with the Qwiic Connect System. Following the kit, we have a super small Serial Flash Memory IC that will be perfect with the Qwiic Micro Development Board we released …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-08By Chris McCarty
  • Get your Kiddos Programming with Minecraft, Python and the Raspberry Pi

    Ever heard of Minecraft? It is ALL the rage with the youth of today. My boys discovered the game while playing with a Raspberry Pi about three years ago and they were hooked. Who would’ve thought with all the advances in graphics displays, it would be the 8-bit-ish block building …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-07By Lori Crotser
  • Qwiic Pro Kit Project Guide

    Qwiic Pro Kit Project Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The Qwiic Pro Kit was designed to allow users to get started with Arduino without the need for soldering or a breadboard. We’ve included three inputs (a joystick, accelerometer, and proximity sensor) …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-11-07By M-Short

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