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  • 5 Comics Kickstarters to Keep Your Eye On

    Kickstarter is a great place to discover what’s new and novel in the vast world of comics. The sheer volume of available projects is awe-inspiring. And a little intimidating. How do you find what you’re looking for? How do you choose which projects to back? How do you know which …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By S.W. Sondheimer
  • Stick To It: Fridge Magnets for Book Lovers

    If you’re not up for committing to a literary tattoo or find yourself worrying about where to put that new bookish sticker, perhaps you want to start yourself a collection of magnets for book lovers. Magnets are always in demand, they’re practical and useful, and they make for an inexpensive …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Kelly Jensen
  • Recognizing Publishers and More for Third Annual #ReadAfricaWeek

    This December, readers, publishers, and educators are set to celebrate the third annual #ReadAfricaWeek. The event comes during the first week of December every year. #ReadAfricaWeek is the brainchild of U.S.- and South Africa–based Catalyst Press. The press’s Marketing Manager, Ashawnta Jackson, says that the best part of the week …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By M. Lynx Qualey
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Science Fiction

    The day I picked up The Three-Body Problem was a momentous day in my reading life. Before then, I had truly never read a translated book that I enjoyed. It’s shameful, I know. I was cutting myself off from a literal world of literature not written in English. Translated works …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Mya Nunnally
  • 6 A CHRISTMAS CAROL Retellings Reimagining the Classic Ghost Story

    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been a classic part of the holiday season since its publication in 1843. Originally part of the Victorian tradition to share ghost stories at Christmastime, the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge’s redemption has become the backbone of numerous other holiday classics. The numerous film …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Ann Foster
  • What Are Superman’s Powers?

    Superman. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. Everyone knows him, and everyone knows his powers: flight, super strength, heat vision, the works. But do you know all his canonical powers? Or the non-canonical ones he used to have but doesn’t anymore? Spoiler: one of them is super …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Jessica Plummer
  • 15 Last Minute Bookish Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

    We’ve all been there: you can have all the time in the world to prepare for gift-giving season, but there is always at least one person on your list who is impossible to shop for, and you end up waiting until the last minute to get them a gift. The …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Selina Falcon
  • 20 Must-Read Short Story Collections by Women in Translation

    While looking back at my reading over the last few years, I noticed that many of my favorite books have been short story collections by women in translation. This came as a surprise to me initially—I hadn’t realized I had even read that many short story collections—but once I began …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Pierce Alquist
  • Our Biggest Bookish Achievements of 2019

    As we look to the new year, many of us set goals in our shiny new planners and, of course, on Goodreads. And because we love books, they often feature in those goals. 2019 was a big year for me: I finally, after ten years of writing seriously, became a …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Claire Handscombe
  • Reading Pathways: 2019 Booker Prize Winner Bernardine Evaristo

    Girl, Woman, Other may have elevated her visibility in the commercial sphere but Bernardine Evaristo has been writing extraordinary literary fiction for many years. This year’s joint Booker Prize winner is not just a one-trick pony. Margaret Atwood may be the better known Booker Prize winner, but Bernardine Evaristo is no …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-11-27By Enobong Essien

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