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  • Robert Pattinson and More Bat Casting for THE BATMAN Movie

    I know, I know. I didn’t care either. But every time there’s a new casting announcement, I find myself a little more intrigued. A little more willing to give it a shot. Because the talent in this thing is going to be phenomenal and maybe, just maybe, it will be the reboot …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By S.W. Sondheimer
  • The Romance Books That Restored My Hope in the Modern Dating World

    It’s a trope as old as time—two people who fall in love who have never really met, or who have hidden their true identities. Take the classic A Cinderella Story, or the more recent Netflix original Sierra Burgess is a Loser. In both cases, a high school girl hides her physical appearance because …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Emily Rosman
  • CAIN’S JAWBONE, or How to Solve a Puzzle Novel

    I came across Cain’s Jawbone for the first time when I was a small child, in love with puzzles and books and trying to find ways to clash the two together to fulfill my own dreams of being a detective. At the time, puzzle books weren’t uncommon. I remember an …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Aisling Twomey
  • 4 Graphic Novel Adaptations of Shakespeare

    On November 13th, The Hollywood Reporter posted a piece announcing  Spike Lee will be directing a film vision of Ronald Wimberly’s Prince of Cats, a “1980s-set hip-hop take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.” This isn’t the first time the story has been adapted to modern sensibilities: Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film was …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By S.W. Sondheimer
  • The Best Gifts For Readers Under $20 In 2019

    Every year, I pull together a list of the best gifts for readers under $20. These gifts are ones that you can give to your best friend, pop into a stocking, or make for a great give for the person you kind of know and want to give something to …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Kelly Jensen
  • Tips + Tricks: How to Store Books Properly and Safely
    We all have our preferences when it comes to how to store books: many people live in small places, or they own a lot of books, and they need to get inventive and find new ways to store and display them. When I moved in with my boyfriend, one of …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Carina Pereira
  • How Many Books Should You Read At Once?

    The question of the ideal number of books to read at once has been debated for centuries*. Long before we had the choice between smartphone and smarter phone, Netflix and Hulu, audio book or ebook, we had the choice between one book at a time or a couple books at …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Vivienne Woodward
  • Introducing the 2020 Reading Log!

    A new year is almost upon us, and you know what that means—time for a new reading log! If you love tracking your reading or if keeping track of the books you read is a resolution for 2020, this new 2020 reading log is for you. It’s the biggest reading …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Tirzah Price
  • December 2019 YA Releases

    This list of December 2019 YA books is sponsored by our giveaway of a Kindle Paperwhite. To enter, just click here and sign up for our Daily Deals newsletter and get notified about the best book sales, every day.     It’s nearly the end of 2019, and publishing is …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Tirzah Price
  • 8 Great Second Books That You Should Know About

    This list of great YA sophomore novels is sponsored by Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. Proclaimed a best book of the year by BuzzFeed, Bustle, NPR, and Paste, Tomi Adeyemi’s #1 New York Times-bestselling novel Children of Blood and Bone has taken the world by storm. Entertainment …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-04By Silvana Reyes Lopez

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