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  • Week of Deals Preview

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled Enginursday with exciting news! Did you miss the sale last weekend? Maybe you have some last minute shopping to do, or a new project you’re working on. If so, you’re in luck. Starting next Monday (12/9), we have a whole week of deals for you! …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-12-05By Hailey Blessing
  • Qwiic SHIM for Raspberry Pi Hookup Guide

    Qwiic SHIM for Raspberry Pi Hookup Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The SparkFun Qwiic SHIM for Raspberry Pi is a small, easily removable breakout to add a Qwiic connector to your Raspberry Pi. The SHIM (short for Shove Hardware in the …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-12-05By El Duderino
  • Learn to Develop in RISC-V with our RED-V Boards
    A few weeks ago, we released our first two RISC-V capable boards we affectionately dubbed “RED-V.” The SparkFun RED-V RedBoard is in a standard Arduino Uno R3 footprint, while the SparkFun RED-V Thing Plus is in a Feather-compatible footprint. By now the majority of you that are interested in developing …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-12-04By Chris McCarty
  • Getting a Module FCC Certified

    For years SparkFun was wary of getting a product fully FCC certified. The process was always seemed unknown and prohibitively expensive. We’ve written about the FCC requirements for products and hobby projects the past but with the development of the SparkFun Edge and the creation of Artemis it was clear …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-12-03By Nathan Seidle
  • Basic LED Animations for Beginners (Arduino)

    Basic LED Animations for Beginners (Arduino) a tutorial Available online at: Introduction The control of light has been a quest for humankind older than written history. The power of illumination stirs a biological feeling in us all. We’ve evolved from chemical combustion of …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-12-03By Brandon J. Williams
  • Make Christmas Light-up Cards
    Get into the holiday season by making these Christmas light-up cards using paper circuits. Learn how to create a simple circuit using copper tape, a coin cell battery and an LED light. This tutorial include (6) FREE project templates in… The post Make Christmas Light-up Cards appeared first on …
    Source: MakerspacesPublished on 2019-12-02By
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is live! Our weekend-long sale is up and running. Deals will end Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 p.m. MT. Check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday page for more information. A few reminders: 15% off SparkFun Originals! Select discounts up to 25% off! Select items are …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-29By Chris McCarty
  • Make Sure to Get Your Holiday Shipments in Time!

    It’s Thanksgiving Eve here in the US, and that means we will be out of the office tomorrow, November 28th. Of course, after that will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means a multitude of sales that we went over Monday. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we want to …
    Source: Sparkfun NewsPublished on 2019-11-27By Chris McCarty
  • RED-V Development Guide

    RED-V Development Guide a tutorial Available online at: Introduction This guide will help you get the RED-V RedBoard or Thing Plus up and running for the exhaust port. Depending on personal preference, there are a few environments to get started with the boards. …
    Source: Sparkfun TutorialsPublished on 2019-11-27By bboyho
  • Leadership Academy Empowers Educators in the Practice of Culturally Responsive Arts Education

    As early autumn light filtered through the colorful windows at Center of Life in Hazelwood, members of Arts Education Collaborative’s Leadership Academy gathered for the sixth session of their year-long leadership development program. The leaders in this year’s cohort represent a diverse range of arts education backgrounds, from elementary school …
    Source: Remake LearningPublished on 2019-11-26By ryan

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