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  • Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for December 9th, 2019

    Sponsored by The Nightmare-Verse by L. L. McKinney and Fierce Reads. These deals were active as of this writing, but may expire soon, so get them while they’re hot! Today’s Featured Deals The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang for $2.99. Get it here, or just click on the cover image …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Vanessa Diaz
  • Quiz: Which ALL SYSTEMS RED Character Are You?

    Do you like reading books with non-human protagonists? All Systems Red follows a sentient security bot, who calls itself Murderbot, as it protects a team of explorers on what’s supposed to be a peaceful mission which turns dark. Recommended to me by a friend, I went in without any expectations …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Etinosa Uwadiae
  • What’s the Deal With All of These Middle Grade Adaptations?

    Over the past few years, we have seen plenty of middle grade books coming to life on theater screens, like the adaptations of Wonder by R.J. Palacio about homeschooled Auggie entering school for the first time. In 2018, The House with a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs, about …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Katisha Smith
  • Books About London From the Heart of Its Migrant Communities

    Like many millions who have walked these streets before me, London is my adopted home. I restarted my life here half a decade ago and I fall in love with its hidden corners, its consternations, and its puzzles. London prides itself on being a city for the many and the …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Aisling Twomey
  • The Art and Therapeutic Act of Weeding Your Digital Shelves

    After receiving my first Kindle, I went wild with one-clicking power because of all the free and cheap books. Primarily, I stuck to freebies for the first year. This means that I downloaded pretty much everything that caught my interest. This led to quite a backlog of ebooks. And, …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By P.N. Hinton
  • 5 Poetry Collections By Women in Translation

    Looking to read more poetry in translation? It was one of my reading goals this year, and I knew that I specifically wanted to read more poetry by women in translation. It was some of the most rewarding reading of my life and I’m thrilled to share these recommendations. From …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Pierce Alquist
  • Grab Your Wallet, Here Are the Most Expensive Books Ever Sold

    Looking for a unique bookish gift for a friend or loved one? Well, unless you’re a one-percenter, look somewhere else, because this article focuses exclusively on the most expensive books ever sold! It’d be cheaper to buy an actual bird. But first, what makes a …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Eileen Gonzalez
  • The Best Book Covers of 2019

    It’s the season of best of lists, and with the bonus of this being the end of a decade, we’re being treated to double the number of best of lists this year. What shouldn’t be overlooked among those lists are the incredible book covers that graced shelves this year. Works …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Kelly Jensen
  • 10 Unconventional Travel Writing Books

    Travel writing has always had a special place in my heart. It was the first genre that I saw myself in. The need to explore, to see the world without having to move, was priceless for someone that wanted to see the world but couldn’t just simply pack their bags …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Giovanna Centeno
  • My Year of Unfinished Books

    It started with Richard Powers’s The Overstory. I got through the first fourth of its 500 pages. Surrounded by a man who finds his family has all died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning, a child whose fall from a tree turns him into a computer genius, and a …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-09By Gretchen Lida

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