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  • Diana, Yes! What We Learned from the First WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer

    Did y’all know Diana could swing between lightning bolts with her lasso? Because I did not know that but now that I’ve seen it, I want it. Also, the tiara is a boomerang. What We Liked The music: If you lived through the ’80s, the techno beat and the song …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By S.W. Sondheimer
  • Exclusion Zone: Getting to Know Ukraine

    We decided to go to Ukraine on a whim. One afternoon during a catch up coffee with a close friend, we talked about places we wanted to see and shared our hope to see Chernobyl. This was before the 2019 TV series spurred a new global interest in the event …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Aisling Twomey
  • 6 Great Holiday Reads to Cure a Scrooge Spell

    Thanksgiving is officially over, which means it is time to dive into all things winter holiday related! I know that a lot of others started celebrating earlier, but I firmly believe in respecting the turkey. I will not read, watch, or listen to anything holiday related until after that fourth …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By P.N. Hinton
  • 7 Books That Illustrate Life As a Woman in Politics

    In the last couple of years, more women have run for political office in the United States than ever before—and that trend continues to hold true in next year’s presidential elections. As 2020 quickly approaches, it’s worth examining the unique challenges that women face as candidates, as shared by those …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Michelle Regalado
  • How To Turn Your Love for Reading Into Writing Inspiration

    Writing inspiration isn’t always simple. Sure, spontaneous inspiration can come from anywhere—the eggs you had for breakfast, a phone conversation with an old friend, a bunch of withered lemon slices scattered, for some mysterious reason, on the sidewalk. But long-term inspiration is different. Writing is a complicated process, and that’s …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Elisabeth Cook
  • 3 Books That Open Up Complex Conversations Around Interpersonal Violence

    CW: rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, psychological abuse One of the first posts I ever wrote for this site was on nine books that are a call to action against rape culture. There were plenty to choose from at the time and, in the three years since, the amount of …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Steph Auteri

    If you’re a fan of Anne with an ‘E’ on Netflix, then you have probably heard the sad news: the series will not be renewed beyond Season 3. It’s been hard enough waiting for Season 3 to air on Netflix in January 2020 (don’t say a word, Canada) but then …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Ann-Marie Cahill
  • Sock It To ‘Em: Great Literary Socks To Warm Your Feet

    It’s here: the time of year when your feet are cold and you need them to be cozied into a pair of socks. Whether you need your socks big and fuzzy or as spartan as possible, you’ll want to stock your drawers with fun literary socks to keep your need …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Kelly Jensen
  • 15 Must-Read Erotic Dramione Fan Fictions

    Following my article earlier this year on 50 must-read Harry Potter fan fictions, I’ve decided to narrow in on my favourite ship: Dramione! This is a portmanteau for Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. It’s extraordinarily popular: there are roughly 68,000 Dramione fics on alone. Only the Drarry ship really …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Namera Tanjeem
  • 30 Seconds With Your Favorite Author: Book Signing Conversation Tips

    For a book nerd, an author book signing is no small prospect. Standing face-to-face for 30 seconds with an author whose work you love is equally thrilling and nerve-wracking. You don’t know this person, yet, after reading their stories, you almost feel like you know them better than you know …
    Source: Book RiotPublished on 2019-12-11By Stacey Megally

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