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  • Announcing the Top 10 Intranets of 2020
    We are proud to announce the release of our 20th Intranet Design Annual. The report and accompanying article give detailed case studies of the winners, their process, and winning designs. Thanks to all who submitted, and especailly to the 10 winners. Cheers to another 20 years of the Intranet Design Annual! …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-23
  • How to Get Stakeholders to Sketch: A Magic Formula
    Summary: Collaborative sketching is a powerful tool for building buy-in for design decisions; however, it can be difficult to get stakeholders comfortable with the idea of drawing in a group setting. These variables help make group sketching more productive and effective with stakeholders. Collaborative Sketching Is a Powerful UX Tool UX …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-22By Kate Kaplan
  • 2020 Intranet Design Annual Winners

    Congratulations to the 2020 Intranet Design Annual Award winners, in this our 20th anniversary year. Nielsen Norman Group is proud to recognize the 10 winners of our 2019 Intranet Design Annual. Happy 20th anniversary to the Intranet Design Annual. Angelini Holding SpA   No team photo   Bank Spółdzielczy we Wschowie …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-20
  • Let’s End the Year on a High: Get 25% off UX Courses for the Whole of 2020
    Let’s End the Year on a High. Our friends at the Interaction Design are offering 25% off UX Design Courses for the Whole of 2020. You have until the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve to take advantage of this offer. We understand that the end of year is …
    Source: Usability GeekPublished on 2019-12-18By The UsabilityGeek Editorial Team
  • Top 10 UX Videos of 2019
    These are the videos published in 2019 that received the most views from our audience. Each video runs for 2–3 minutes, unless otherwise indicated. Design Thinking 101 What is “design thinking” and why should you care? The 6 steps of the process defined. How to Empathy Map A 5-step process …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-17
  • Top 10 UX Articles of 2019
    The following user-experience articles published in 2019 were the ones our audience read the most: Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes Application usability is enhanced when the UI guides and supports users through the workflow. Portfolios for UX Researchers: Top 10 Recommendations A portfolio of past projects can advance the career of …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-17
  • UX Conference Sydney Announced (Jul 27 – Jul 31)
    5 in-depth, full-day courses, teaching user experience best practices for successful design. Conference focused on long-lasting skills for UX professionals. 27-31 July 2020.See Full Schedule and Pricing
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-15
  • Top-10 UX Articles of the Decade 2010–2019
    The following user-experience articles published between 2010 and 2019 were the ones our audience of UX professionals read the most. Usability 101: Introduction to Usability How to define usability? How, when, and where to improve it? Why should you care? Overview defines key usability concepts and answers basic questions. The
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-15
  • Tracking Research Questions, Assumptions, and Facts in Agile
    Summary: User-related questions and assumptions are not tracked throughout a product’s lifecycle, causing misalignment and overconfidence. Documenting these questions and assumptions in a knowledge board differentiates them from real facts. User research can be difficult to conduct in Agile environments and, due to time or budget constraints, teams tend to make …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-15By Rachel Krause
  • The Diverge-and-Converge Technique for UX Workshops
    Summary: By first working independently on a problem, then converging to share insights, teams can leverage the benefits of both work styles, leading to rapid data analysis, diverse ideas, and high-quality designs. Are you an introvert who hates meetings and derives pleasure from thinking in solitude? Or do you get excited …
    Source: NN GroupPublished on 2019-12-15By Therese Fessenden

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