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  • 2019 In Review

    2019 Was Big for Academic Publishing. Here’s Our Year in Review is an article by Diana Kwon in TheScientist on December 27, 2019. Some of the OA-related issues that are reviewed include:  A brief mention of “concerns about the presence of predatory journals on PubMed”.  A brief mention of a …
    Source: Be Openly Accessible or Be ObscurePublished on 2019-12-30By Jim Till
  • Welcoming 2020 With Gratitude

    At Creative Commons, sharing and gratitude go hand in hand. We empower the sharing of knowledge and creativity, as well as celebrate the collaborative creativity and gratitude that sharing engenders. As Chair of the Creative Commons Board of Directors, I am ending 2019 with a special sense of gratitude for
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-12-23By Molly Van Houweling
  • How Solar Panels Function – Everything You Need To Know
    In a time when we’re constantly hearing about how our natural resources are getting depleted, solar panel systems are something that gets a lot of attention. Our awareness about renewable energy sources indeed needs to increase by a lot, but for some reason, people are still not taking this very …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-12-23By Stef Brezgov
  • How UC Berkeley Students Helped Improve CC Search

    Since its launch, CC Search has become more than just a search tool for CC-licensed content; it has come to exemplify the virtuous cycle of knowledge creation—where we create, collaborate, and learn from one another.  Our recent collaboration with a group of students from UC Berkeley was a true exercise
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-12-20By Anna Tumadóttir
  • WordPress Versus Webflow — A Complete Breakdown
    Can’t decide where to start when it comes to developing your website professionally and effectively, all the while maintaining its functionality and simplicity? There’s so many options! Between WordPress and Webflow, it’s hard for people to make a choice in deciding what’s the most suitable option for their specific needs. …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-12-20By Stef Brezgov
  • Tracy Teal named new Dryad ED

    tracytealAfter an extensive search led by Dryad’s Board of Directors, we are proud to announce that Dr. Tracy Teal will join Dryad as Executive Director beginning February 17, 2020. She has extensive experience leading a global, …
    Source: Dryad news and viewsPublished on 2019-12-19By The Dryad Team
  • Thank You for Translating “Made with Creative Commons”

    In 2017, CC published Made with Creative Commons, a book examining 24 different business models built around CC licenses and CC-licensed content. Financially supported by more than 1600 backers on Kickstarter, the project itself is an example of how openly licensed work can be funded and how CC-licensed content can
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-12-18By Sarah Pearson
  • Facts: Dating Apps – How They Really Work
    Finding a partner, developing a romantic relationship, and falling in love is part of human nature and one of our basic human impulses. Understandably, everyone wants to find and have that special someone, but living a fast-paced life in the modern age has made it harder for individuals to meet …
    Source: Scholarly Open AccessPublished on 2019-12-18By Stef Brezgov
  • Celebrate Public Domain Day with Events Around the World

    The following is a guest post by Creative Commons community member Sebastiaan ter Burg. In January 2020 there will be events all over the world to celebrate the fact that new works have entered the public domain. The country where a work is published determines when copyright expires. For example, …
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-12-17By Eric Steuer
  • Share Your Thoughts and Experiences of the CC Global Network!

    The Creative Commons (CC) Global Network is made up of people like you. People who are attracted to the CC Global Network because of what can be accomplished by building a globally-accessible public commons of knowledge and culture through CC’s tools and products.  In 2016, CC released an assessment of
    Source: Creative CommonsPublished on 2019-12-16By Victoria Heath

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