Letterboxing Starter Kit


If you like scavenger hunts, hiking, art, traveling, and/or solving puzzles, then letterboxing is for you. Letterboxes containing unique stamps are planted around the world. People follow clues, sometimes solve puzzles, and occasionally need to take a hike in order to find them. When they do, they stamp the letterbox’s exclusive stamp into their journal and stamp their personal, handcrafted stamp into the letterbox’s logbook. Letterboxes can be found practically anywhere. You can look for them near your hometown or … Read More

Book List: Reading for Computer Science Students


It is no surprise that I read a lot of books. And listen to nearly as many in the car. I like to pair many of these with other parts of my life: classes, work, hobbies, TV shows I’m binging, etc. So over the last three years while taking CS classes, I read a number of technology / computer science related books that enriched my curriculum and added to my education. My apologies, almost a third of the list is … Read More

My Reaction to White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo


White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo My rating: 5 of 5 stars I knew soon after starting White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo that I wanted to write some kind of reaction post to it. And that is what this is, a reaction post. It is not a book review as I didn’t read it closely enough for that purpose and I’m not an expert in this field. Yet, there were … Read More

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