Bookbinding Class Final Project: A Field Guide to the Rare and Mythical Creatures of Illinois


During my master’s degree, I decided to take one elective outside of my focus on bookbinding and had a very enjoyable summer stitching together books and listening to world history on book craftsmanship. For our final project, we had to create content for the book in addition to the structure. I had just finished a year as a school librarian in Shelbyville, IL and was inspired by my fifth grade classes. During my lesson on evaluating information sources, I showed … Read More

First WordPress Plugin: Random Featured Posts Widget


After tackling many other developmental aspects of WordPress, I finally got around to learning how to code a plugin. My first attempt was a widget that displays a random featured post with title, thumbnail, date, and link, that can be filtered by post category. I started out by modifying and then adding to code from two tutorials: How To Create Your Own Basic WordPress Widgets and Creating a Featured Post Meta Checkbox. To add this plugin to your blog, download … Read More

2018 Reading Year in Review


2018 brought many changes into my life, but my reading habits remained intact. I reread many of my favorites including most of Robin Hobb’s fantasy works and some of Elizabeth Peter’s Peabody Mysteries. I also participated in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge again. My choices for the challenges are listed below. I saved the best for last and read The Velveteen Rabbit to my daughter. I anticipate enjoying more books together and more trips to the library with her next … Read More

Book Review: Algorithms of Oppression


Big data algorithms can do some amazing things for society. They help us find information online, display advertisements for merchandise we might buy, recommend news articles we would be interested in, and provide new insights for research and development. They act as a mirror to reflect not only what we want but what we need. Unfortunately, this mirror also displays, even amplifies, our ugliest aspects. Author Safiya Umoja Noble focuses in on this problem with Google and its effects on … Read More

Breasts, Bottles, and Formula: Feeding Information Hospitals Often Withhold from New Parents

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When I read this recent article from the BBC, Bottle Feeding is a Woman’s Right, Midwives Told, it hit home with my experiences of our first child this year. I was glad to see it, but wished medical practitioners here in the U.S. were given the same instruction. Once we knew we were expecting our little one, we took all the baby classes our hospital had to offer. My Saturday mornings were booked for a month. We bought the books. … Read More

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