From Mommy Blogs to Multi-Level Marketing: Evaluating “Health” Resources

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Notice I put health in quotation marks in the title. There are many great health resources on the web that are clearly valid: sites run by government agencies, public health officials, and hospitals. This blog post isn’t about those. It’s about all of the other “health” webpages that pop up in your Google search. After all, anyone can post anything online for any purpose. Evaluating content on the web for its motive and trustworthiness is tricky, but necessary when it … Read More

End to Endpaper Bookbinding Project


Colophon: Titled End to Endpaper, this handmade flag book was crafted by Heidi Uphoff. The flags are marbled paper. The endpapers were created using recycled grey paper dried on a textured cloth. The painted patterns on the front and back covers came from 3D-printed stencils.

Holiday Driving Wrap Up: Podcast Recommendations


We all dread the long hours of holiday driving required of us between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. In-car entertainment can ease this pain, but selecting audio material is no easy task. It needs to appeal to all passengers, be lively, and maybe a little humorous. Below are four podcasts that not only fit the criteria, but also inspired discussion in the car, over road-trip meals, and with relatives at our destinations. Reply All Reply All is a podcast based around … Read More

2017 Read Harder Challenge

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This was my first year doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and I loved it. Through the help of authors and experts, they defined 24 reading challenges that were guaranteed to stretch the comfort zone of even the most exhaustive reader. Thanks to this, I started reading fiction again, was introduced to new styles and authors, and put myself in the shoes of people going through life events (e.g. becoming a refugee, coming out) that I’ve not experienced myself. At … Read More

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