Capstone Course, Winter 2018 – Adventure Game

A command line adventure/escape game. I focused on the natural language parser for the user command line input.


Git Repository

Final Report


Operating Systems, Summer 2017 – Small Shell Script

This is a small shell script program for running bash commands in the foreground and background utilizing basic concurrency.

C, Bash

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Databases, Spring 2017 – Board Game Club Web Application

Using Node.js, I created a web interface for an SQL database that tracks statistics for a board game club.

JavaScript, SQL, HTML/CSS

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Analysis of Algorithms, Winter 2017 – Maximum Sum Subarray Problem

I compared the performance of four different algorithms for the maximum sum subarray problem using theoretical and experimental analysis.

Python, MATLAB

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Web Development, Fall 2016 – SASS How-To Guide

I created a tutorial for learning the basics of SASS, getting started with the Koala compiler, and using advanced techniques to style an ordered list.

CSS, SASS, Koala


Example Code


C++ Programming, Winter 2016 – X-Files Investigation Game

For my C++ programming class’s final project, I created an X-Files themed game. Users move through rooms in a house where paranormal activities have been reported. They investigate the rooms, collect evidence, and fight paranormal foes with scientific reasoning and opening up their minds to the paranormal. The assignment utilizes inheritance to create different room spaces and pointers to move throughout the house.


Design Document

Source Code