From Mommy Blogs to Multi-Level Marketing: Evaluating “Health” Resources

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Notice I put health in quotation marks in the title. There are many great health resources on the web that are clearly valid: sites run by government agencies, public health officials, and hospitals. This blog post isn’t about those. It’s about all of the other “health” webpages that pop up in your Google search. After all, anyone can post anything online for any purpose. Evaluating content on the web for its motive and trustworthiness is tricky, but necessary when it … Read More

Digital Archiving Tip: How to Extract Embedded Media from PowerPoints


Converting PowerPoint presentations into PDFs will provide a better format for long-term preservation in digital archives. However, this will lose any animations, transitions, and embedded video and audio files (not notes, these can be saved as PDF annotations on conversion). The first two may not be a loss as they are less likely to contribute to the intellectual content of the presentation. Embedded media files, on the other hand, probably need preserved separately from the PDF with their relationship to … Read More

New Year, New Blog Name (and More)


I’m bringing in the new year with a new name for the blog: End to Endpaper. The name is borrowed from the title of my next bookbinding project, which will be a flag book containing some of my marbled paper. The new name carries with it connotations that describe both me and this website: libraries, books, bookbinding/crafts, and sharing stories. End to end refers to looking at a process from the very beginning to the very end. With information management, … Read More

Usability Study Tips for Distance Education Students


I wanted to share a few tips I learned from doing a usability study for my final project in graduate school as a distance education student. This summer I graduated from the University of Illinois with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries. I was interested in connecting with end users for my last undertaking as a graduate student after spending two years focusing on the technical and administrative side of things. I developed a protocol to test a … Read More

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